That Pro-IRL Post


That is how to turn a series around! This past weekend’s Kentucky Speedway IndyCar race saw rule chances implemented with the aim of improving the racing spectacle on ovals, and boy they seemed to work…

Aero modificiations were made available to the teams to increase downforce considerably without significantly affecting drag, whilst an ‘overtake assist’ boost button, available in 12 second bursts 20 times during the race, enabled offensive and defensive moves alike, turning the side by side racing into a fascinating game of cat and mouse.

The drivers reported better handling cars, providing greater confidence on multiple racing lines, which was evident from the excitement of the racing. The event ran mostly caution free, but without becoming a procession, resulting in the second fastest average speed in the sport’s history.

As an added bonus we had the sight of Ed Carpenter oh-so-nearly win the thing, which was fantastic for his team Vision Racing and would have made an interesting headline.

Looking back at the way the lack of excitement seen earlier in the season was addressed, I find it particularly impressive that the league was able to introduce the changes quickly and without fuss, with everyone doing their part to make a success of the measures and put on a great show.

F1 could learn a lot from this agile, fan pleasing decision making. Roll on the next race, although it’s a road course, it should be a lot of fun!

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