Race for the Chase – Pay attention at the back!

For the uninitiated, the NASCAR Sprint Cup championship is decided in the final races by a ‘chase for the Sprint Cup’ involving only the shortlisted top 12 drivers in the points standings.

Almost as exciting is the ‘Race for the Chase’ – i.e. watching the battle to reach the top 12 evolve as the deadline for the chase approaches.

Even more exciting (for F1 fans) is the fact that Juan Pablo Montoya is having a great race for the chase and is tantilisingly close to making it into the top 12 and having a crack at the championship.

He is unashamedly points driving, aiming for a top 10 finish in every race rather than going gung ho for wins. This is a good strategy for him, as it keeps his ‘let’s go crazy’ tendancies in check and is having the effect of calming the worst excesses of his driving.

He’s been racing near the front for some time now, but has had some bad luck including a speeding penalty depriving him of a win at Indy, and tire trouble in last weekend’s Pocono race, which dropped him off the lead lap, and some way down the points standings. He’s now in 9th spot.

There are only 2 races to go in the race for the chase – it’s going to be exciting whatever way you look at it. If you’re new to NASCAR, it’s a great time to get involved. As a longstanding F1 fan it’s taken me time to get into NASCAR, but I’m starting to like it more, the more I watch it.

Just don’t laugh at the wheelguns.

Full scoop on the remaining races before the chase here:


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