Never mind A10 World Series – what about INDYCAR? – the IRL rebrands…

I thought it was high time to talk about something other than A10 World Series, which is producing an increasingly irritating drip feed of non-announcements.

Today they’ve revealed a picture and sound clip of their V10 engine, but I’m starting to think they don’t really have much to announce, otherwise GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!!. It’s also clear from the comments that the untimely demise of A1GP following its non appearance in Australia and subsequent collapse continues to inspire genunine ill-feeling (not least amongst those who lost considerable sums of money) – and that won’t change in a hurry since credibility is easy to lose and hard to regain.  

So never mind that, let’s look instead at a series on the up>

This week’s ‘State of INDYCAR’ address by Randy Bernard has attracted rave reviews, like this one, and in my opinion justifiably so. It’s clear to see that the IRL under Bernard has a new sense of optimism and purpose, and that all those involved in the sport have a real sense that a corner has been turned.

Key announcements on the day included the saving of the Edmonton race, which had previously been cancelled, introduction of double file restarts*, and continued progress on reshaping the series for the future.

Double file restarts are not the only sign of ‘borrowing what works’ from NASCAR, with the renaming of the sanctioning body IRL as simply INDYCAR in an echo of the stock car series naming.

INDYCAR is an easy name for casual observers to remember and identify, and importantly it doesn’t carry the baggage of IRL vs Champ car.

I think any fan of single seater racing should enthusiastically support the current developments. With the centenial Indy 500 coming this year and new cars (finally) expected around the corner it’s a great time to improve interest in the series.

At the INDYCAR events I’ve been to I’ve always been impressed by the sense of family and camaradarie in this series. I’d really love to see it right at the top of single seater racing, challenging F1 in terms of speed and spectacle (obviously with a much lower cost base) with a mix of ovals and road courses, US and overseas drivers, and three or four multi car teams challenging for wins.

By the way, if you’re not familiar with INDYCAR then check out INDYCAR Race Control and see how far ahead of F1 they are with that system which provides not only live timing, but also in car action and telemetry for your favourite drivers.


*Double file restarts are proving a bit controversial with drivers pointing out that there’s a hell of a difference between a bunch of Sprint Cup cars bumping their way through a restart and a bunch of single seaters restarting wheel to wheel on marbles at top speed. Watch this space.

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