NewsCorp, EXOR, F1 and Crystal Balls

I’d be a fool if I tried to second guess what’s in the heads of the various players in the emerging F1 takeover saga. But I will:

BERNIE – one eye on the exit-door but determined to make life difficult for anyone who crosses him between now and retirement

CVC – trying to make sense of a post Bernie world, and beginning to suspect there’s an alternative to the status quo

NEWSCORP – see upside, global TV rights revenue, and interactive and 3D services potential

EXOR – see upside, are a proxy for Ferrari, and possibly for FOTA and FIA once things shake down

FOTA – sure there’s an alternative to the status quo, involving lower costs, higher revenues

FIA – hope there’s an alternative to the status quo, higher revenues, less grief

SPONSORS – want more and better exposure for their money and a younger demographic

PROMOTERS – want lower hosting fees and more ticket sales

So, my view is that the NewsCorp/Exor pitch will end up including all the FOTA teams, will have FIA backing and the support of CVC in the due diligence process. Bernie will also reluctantly come on board, at least to the extent of not actively blocking.

Then the tough negotiating talk will begin.

The outcome will be a FOTA/NewsCorp owned entity, selling free to air TV rights in major markets, whilst keeping income from a premium interactive and 3D service on the internet and NewsCorp networks for itself.

Hell, they might as well  buy IndyCar too 🙂

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