10 Ways Eurovision is Like F1

Sidepodcast is planning to run another of its annual Eurovision parties tonight, and it got me thinking about similarities between F1 and the Eurovision song contest. Unlikely as it may seem, there are more than you’d think:

1. Everyone remembers the old commentator and wishes he was still doing it

2. It’s virtually impossible for the host country to make any money putting on the show

3. Huge logistical endeavour requiring teamwork, planning and single minded attention to detail

4. Considered unbelievably naff by the vast majority of the viewing public, but many still tune in out of morbid curiosity

5. It’s not as good as it used to be

6. Tortured multi-lingual interviews with heavy use of the phrase ‘for sure’

7. The points system keeps changing

8. Dodgy fashion sense

9. Casual viewers don’t really understand how qualifying works

10. Despite all the build up and excitement you invariably end up nodding off half way through

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