On his Todt

Oh Jean, porquoi!? After a pretty uneventful first year as FIA chief, it’s come to this. Trying to give an unappreciative world an unwanted race in Bahrain.

And failing.

And looking a bit stupid in the process.

And making the sport look a bit stupid too.

And causing about 200,000 negative human rights related posts on Red Bull’s Facebook (being slain by Saudi security forces gives you wings?)

And making sponsors wonder why they’re bothering, rather than, say, sponsoring the golf.

I find it all quite quaint, a throwback to a bygone era of crazy and erratic sporting governance, it reminds one of FIFA in, well, 2011 actually.

Maybe Bernie could get Placido Domingo in to sort things out.

The sporting world benefits from strong autocratic and ruthless management, (just look at nascar) but it really helps when than management is able to distinguish its arse from its elbow.

CVC must love all this!

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