Edmonton Indy Recap

We didn’t have a repeat of the Toronto Indy demolition derby at this weekend’s Edmonton Indy.

Unlike at Toronto, we did see penalties handed out for most of the major incidents, unless the incident itself caused the offending driver to lose a lap, which is viewed as a penalty in its own right.

The race was run this year on a slightly different part of the airport, and looked more like a real racetrack, although I wouldn’t have liked to see a car go off track into the deep grass, and was surprised to see marshal posts with no catch fence protection.

Despite the new-found penalty culture, there was still a notable lack of etiquette among some of the drivers. Also, sadly in almost every case the victim ended up with a worse finishing position than the perpetrator, even after serving their penalty. Polesitter Takuma Sato was particularly badly affected.

That can’t be right, and it’s time for IndyCar to look at other penalties beyond the drive-throughs, including stop/go penalties, grid position penalties and points deductions.

The cars are almost too robust, and survive where F1 cars would fall apart on the spot. The only exception to this robustness is the front wing, which seems to cut tyres more easily than the F1 wings.

I’m looking forward to Mid-Ohio, and some proper road course racing.

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