Lewis teaches Fernando a lesson – German GP Recap

I like Lewis Hamilton’s honesty.

After rubbishing his car on the Friday and stating bluntly that it wasn’t good enough for pole, he admitted that as he’d sat in the car before Quali 3, he’d wondered if he’d have to eat his words.

Because he nearly did make pole.

To be honest he should thank Eddie Jordan for his success in Germany. After all it must have been EJ’s comprehensive Saturday pre-show feature on the decline and fall of McLaren, followed by a strident ‘will you resign?’ interview with Martin Whitmarsh, that set the wheels of fate turning. After all, the gods can’t allow EJ to be right, not even once.

Stefano Domenicali has probably already called the BBC to arrange an EJ special ‘what’s gone wrong at Ferrari?’ feature for the Hungary show.

I wish more commentators would accept the simple maths that only one team at a time can be the front runner. I think Whitmarsh is doing a great job, as is Domenicali, probably a better job than Christian Horner, who can escape much scrutiny because the car is so good.

As for the race, it was great to see three cars from the three top teams battling it out at the front, it doesn’t happen every day.

My thoughts on Vettel developed as the race progressed, from “he doesn’t like it up him” to “He really doesn’t like it up him”.

The guy can’t really race with the best. I’m pretty sure if they all had equal machinery he’d be smoked by Alonso and Hamilton.

On this day, anyone would have been smoked by Hamilton. His ability to defend against Webber through turn 2, then a lap later take the attacking role against Alonso and make it work, was beautiful to watch, and must be a horrible thing for Alonso to replay.

It’s definitely game on for Hungary.

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