Baltimore Grand Prix – It’s going to be down to the wire

I have been getting more and more excited about the inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix.

I can’t wait! IndyCars and American Le Mans Series around the harbor area of Baltimore for the first time ever.

The amazing event website whet my appetite, as did the fact that I’m actually going to the next round of ALMS at Laguna Seca in 2 weeks time.

The Baltimore event website has links to a special ‘traffic news‘ website, which carries a wonderful CGI video showing the dilapidated surface of the race track area transformed into a pristine tarmac racetrack.

The truth is a little more, um, bumpy.

I’m hearing stories of lumps, bumps, jumps, drain covers, even streetcar tracks, and I’ve seen photographic proof of most of the rumours on Twitter.

I know that crews worked through the night building last minute chicanes and curbs out of fresh tarmac. I know that many aero efficient racecars have enough downforce to lift draincovers (it happened at Monaco not long ago) so god only knows what they will do to these fresh curbs.

With ALMS and IndyCar we’re looking at a LOT of on track action over the weekend.

I wish the organisers well, because I really want to enjoy the weekend. I believe they can get there, but they shouldn’t have to be in this position this late in the day.

And last time I checked, the way to build a last minute chicane is to use walls of tires bolted to the track, not to get out the tarmac truck.

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