Will Sky Launch Speed TV in the UK for F1, IndyCar, NASCAR coverage?

Every year, UK channels televise hundreds of hours of top flight football. Fans can see several games per day on subscription (Sky and ESPN) and terrestrial television. We can watch live and highlights, at home or in the pub.

Divide the number of games available on Sky by the subscription cost, the deal suddenly doesn’t look quite so bad. Watch enough of it, and you’ll get value for money. There’s golf, rugby, tennis and a host of other sports as a bonus.

There are only 20 Formula 1 Grand Prix per year. 10 will be free to air on BBC1. Divide the cost of a Sky Sports subscription by just 10, and it doesn’t look quite so enticing.

That is why the Sky Sports business model which looks so sensible for football looks horrifying for Formula 1.

The good news is that Sky’s part-owner NewsCorp already has the answer.

A channel called Speed TV.

Speed TV is dedicated to motorsport of all kinds. It’s already shown as part of basic cable in the US, and variants are available in Latin America and Australia.

Speed TV could be provided as part of the basic Virgin and Sky packages, it could even go onto Freeview and Freesat. It could then take advertising revenue for the events it covers. It could show not only extensive coverage of every F1 session, but also hours of NASCAR, IndyCar, GP2, GP3, American Le Mans Series, British Touring Cars, World Rally Championships and the list goes on.

I just hope they have the sense to make this happen and start talking to the other motorsport rights owners to pull it all together.

Fingers crossed, because the alternative is too ghastly to imagine!

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