Korea International Circuit – Where the streets have no name

Tune in this weekend to see the Korean Grand Prix. The course is quite unusual, because half of the Grand Prix track is purpose built and the other half winds through city streets past gleaming skyscrapers, a marina, seafront hotels, and luxury apartments.

In order to achieve this feat temporary concrete walls and catch fencing mark out the circuit, separating the track from the streets. Just hours after each race these barriers can be dismantled to allow traffic to flow once more.

Except they’re not dismantled, and the traffic doesn’t flow. There isn’t any, because the city doesn’t exist.

So we have an interesting situation – for the second successive year – of a street circuit without any streets. All the safety compromises and risks associated with concrete barriers alongside a race track, without any city.

It’s pointless.

Korea have this race for 7 years. A development on the scale suggested by CGI shots like this one will take longer than that in today’s funding climate.

So for now the team members and journalists will continue to complain about love hotels – and South Korea has spent all this money for that kind of questionable PR.


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