Please Remember

Dan Wheldon has died in a crash at the Las Vegas IndyCar race. May he rest in peace. God bless his family.

He was doing what he loved. Living the life he had always wished for, a multiple Indy 500 winner. Life can be cruel, we must live it to the full.

Motorsport is dangerous, it is also the passion of all those who go racing every weekend, drivers, crew, officials, marshals, fans.

It is incumbent upon those who officiate motorsport series to work constantly to improve safety.

Dan Wheldon worked hard this year to test and refine the 2012 IndyCar, which will bring to open wheel racing countless safety improvements including wheel-over-wheel guards to prevent cars launching, enhanced safety cell and greater impact protection.

I am crying as I hear what has happened, and can only imagine how it has affected those involved.

We will learn. And we will not forget.

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