F1 on Sky – Leaked Script

There’s been a lot of interest in how Sky’s F1 coverage will look and sound. We’ve got hold of a script which I think gives a real feel for the treats we have in store:

It’s here. 19 rounds. 12 teams. 24 players hungry for glory, wearing their overalls with pride, 1 goal – to be crowned the winner of the prized Formula 1 world cup.

Hello, I’m George Lazenby, you may remember me as James Bond, but that’s not important right now, you’re watching Ford Fast Sunday presented by Bridgestone in association with Shell (the faster fuel) – sit back and enjoy the action, we’re bringing you back to back coverage of Round 1 of the AIG Formula 1 world cup.

In today’s show:

• We ask Alex Ferguson will he be backing the reds this season?
• Top jockey Frankie Detori joins us to give us the inside line on all the F1 betting action
• Steve Ryder interviews Nigel Mansell on a golf course
• Natalie Pinkham takes Rubens Barichello to a polo match
• And Ted Kravitz presents our beginners guide to the formula 1 world cup

And don’t forget you can press red for live Sky Bet action.

Join us after the break for more from Ford Fast Sunday

Welcome back to Ford Fast Sunday, we’re building up to the first game of the year, and here’s Ted to explain a little more about what you’re going to see, but first, a quick break.

Welcome back to Ford Fast Sunday, we’re building up to the first game of the year, and as promised before the break, here’s Ted to explain a little more about what you’re going to see. Ted, hi, welcome.

Hello George.

So, Ted, for viewers who for some bizarre reason are tuning in at this time of the morning on spec, what is the formula 1 world cup?

Well George, the best way to describe it is like a champions league for cars, we have teams, and the teams play races to find a winner.

And I understand they use a golden goal rule is that right?

Yes absolutely spot on – after a set number of laps (or halves if you like) the first person to get their car over the line wins the game.

And is it very complicated?

Oh yes, there are all sorts of rules and regulations and stuff, but the main thing is, 24 teams, all competing for glory.

So really anyone could win then?

Err no.


No, of the 24 teams competing for glory, most are so massively out of their depth that the whole season more closely resembles the first round of the FA cup than the champions league.

But we could get some giant killing eh Ted?

Not unless there’s a monsoon.

OK – well, join us after the break for five fast F1 facts.

Etc. Etc.

  1. Sooooo Funny… Sad part is, in the US all sports events sound like that. At least the UK has the Beeb to ensure that TV is not a complete race to the bottom. I understand the need for advertisements and product placement, but shouldn’t the circulating billboards called “cars” be enough?

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