Sky F1 Channel coming to Virgin, just don’t mention HD

Virgin Media have announced [link] that subscribers of the full Sky Sports package on Virgin will receive the Sky Sports F1 channel.

Pricing for Sky Sports on Virgin is a bit of a minefield as it depends on which ‘channel pack’ you have:

  • You need the full Sky Sports pack  for F1. This costs £22.50 per month (or £28 if you have the ‘M’ pack).
  • HD costs another £7 – but there’s no word on whether the HD version of the F1 channel will be offered on Virgin.

Effectively this means that unless you pay a whopping£29.50 or more per month for the Sky channels + the additional Sky HD upgrade, the F1 races shown on the BBC will have better picture quality for Virgin HD customers than the Sky channel.

Compare that to the situation for ‘native’ Sky subscribers who get the Channel for free in their HD packs, and who can upgrade to the HD pack for £10.25 per month, and it looks like the Virgin customers have got a pretty poor deal on this.

If I’ve interpreted things wrong please let me know.


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