Making the Bahrain Grand Prix relevant now that “Everything is Fine™”

The Bahrain Grand Prix is getting a lot of bad press at the moment due to adverse publicity from killjoys like Human Rights Watch , bad karma from the US Government shifting its Embassy staff to safer parts of the Kingdom, and even our own UK Foreign Office with their astonishingly mean spirited and unhelpful  ‘avoid large crowds’ suggestion.

Thank god for voices of reason like Damon Hill, Middle East Correspondent at that well respected beacon of geopolitical journalism Sky Sports News. Hill, who actually drove F1 cars before entering the world of international peace-building confirmed last week that, in fact, Everything is Fine in Bahrain ™ .

And these are not the words of some pale-faced blogger sharing his unfounded opinions. No, Damon has gone out there and actually been to Bahrain, kind of like the FIA guy last year – but very different.

“Different?” you say, “How so?”

Well, Hill has followed his journalistic instincts and actually taken a look around.  He was able to do this because Everything is Fine in Bahrain ™.

And remember this is Damon Hill we’re talking about. He’s delivered a brand spanking new phase 1 of a redevelopment masterplan at Silverstone, on time and on budget. When you’ve got a personal legacy of persuading a British building contractor to do more or less what they said they were going to do and erect a large steel frame shed in a field, you’re not about to be intimidated.

Oh no.  He wasn’t going to be fobbed off by stage managed meetings. He wasn’t about to allow himself to be schmoozed by legendary hospitality. Far from it. He’s gone out there and spoken to eye witnesses. Real people like the Crown Prince and, I gather, random passers by.  How thorough is that?

So here we find ourselves. We now know for a fact that Everything is Fine in Bahrain ™ so the race is as safe as Euros in the bank. What now?

Time to make the race a success!

Given the new spirit of rapprochement, bonhomie and general joie de vivre that the subjects of Bahrain are now enjoying, what could be better than an inter-faith celebration of one-ness, turning the race into a true festival of what it means to be Bahraini.

We could even organise an “F1 fan village” on the Pearl Roundabout, put up large screens and encourage tens of thousands of people from all the communities of Bahrain to attend and celebrate the race together.

Because after all: Everything is Fine™


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