…meanwhile, in Valencia

“Hola HRT family!”

“Hola Boss!”

“Ok gang – what have you got for me on this beautiful day on our especial journey to make a nice Formula 1 team. The car it must be finished no?”

“Well boss, I called the guys in Germany and for sure they are making all the necessary preparations, methodically, with diligence, and in a manner correct.”

“Excellent! we will show the world that it is not because a team does not exist yet that it cannot be successful given time and a correct and serious application of the resources at its disposition. For the third year running.”

“Julia, tell me, what have you got for us?”

“Well boss, a sponsor – this one is pretty big and authentic”

“Excellent! Is it Spanish?”

“Yes! And it is an important and serious organisation”

“Who is it?”

“It’s those guys who installed the PC in your office a couple of weeks back. They wanted us to pay their invoice and I said it was not because the invoice was due that it would necessarily be honoured. I said that the invoice was perhaps not applied in a manner correct by the previous owners.”

“Excellent! and what did they say?”

“Well initially he was decided to take away your PC but later and with much reasonable discussion he agreed we’d stick his logo on the side of the car and pay him half”

“Coolio. Now item two – scooters for the new season”

“Yes boss, there’s been a bit of a matter unclear with the scooters. We have arranged supply of Scooters from a company a bit Japanese sounding but actually quite Spanish but they are not very correct”

“In what way ‘not very correct'”

“It is that it is that the scooters they are more like – the folding bicycles”

“The folding bicycles?”

“I am very close to giving up. How are we to give the impression that we are conducting ourselves in a manner correct and serious with a deployment of the necessary resources to make a nice team if we start running around the paddock on the folding bicycles?”

“That’s a coincidence boss, someone’s actually done one of those Downfall parodies  that says pretty much the same thing”

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