Why it’s great to see Rubens in an IndyCar – and why you should watch

I love F1. I love IndyCar.

Modern day IndyCar, which combines the drivers, teams and races of both the IRL and ChampCar, is still an underrated sport on a climb back to its rightful place, whilst F1 appears (superficially at least) to be at the top of its game.

I’m not so sure that the F1 way of doing business is sustainable and the more I learn and understand about IndyCar, particularly in the Randy Bernard era, the more I like it.

Tony Kanaan is one of my favourite drivers. He was one of the first I followed on Twitter when I started following IndyCar seriously following my move to the US in 2009. I was gutted when he was dropped by Andretti, happy when he was picked up by KV Racing for 2011 and delighted when he took that car to the front on many occasions during the season.

Now, he’s only gone and persuaded his mate Rubens Barichello to test with KV Racing over 2 days at Sebring.

I just hope that Rubens enjoys what he sees and commits to a full or partial schedule in the IndyCar series for 2012.

Rubens has had an amazing career in F1, and I hope he gets a ride for 2013. But this year I want him in IndyCar. We’ve got a new car launching, plenty of uncertainty, and its a great time to have another high profile driver (he has a million more followers on Twitter than Danica Patrick) join the series.

If I have a reason for blogging it is to open the eyes of F1 fans to the world of American open wheel racing. I still remember my dad explaining what an Indy car was back when I was a kid (‘like a Formula 1 car, but heavier, faster, and not as high tech’ was his explanation). To his explanation I now add ‘with more heart, more fun, and more excitement than F1’.

Every race of the IZOD IndyCar Series is shown live on Sky Sports in HD (usually SS3). There are plenty of British drivers to follow (more than in F1) and it’s easy to follow the sport on Twitter too, just take a look at my Twitter feed and see who’s there.

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