Thoughts on Unpredictable F1

With 5 winners from 5 races, dramatic swings in form, and upsets of the established order, mutterings of concern are beginning to be heard amongst the excitement of the unpredictability.

The concern takes many forms, but recurring themes are:

The arbitrary nature of the tyre wear and its impact on performance.

Lack of consistency in tyre performance from track to track meaning teams cannot be rewarded for efforts made in understanding tyres.

The fact that the need to manage tyres leads to drivers not pushing at 100% throughout the race.

On balance though, I’ve decided that we should calm down. The car with the fastest package on the day is still winning, and it’s still the stronger drivers doing best. If we’d had a day where Felipe Massa suddenly got lucky and lapped 5 seconds a lap quicker than Alonso, or the Caterham got hooked up and blitzed the Bahrain circuit, I’d agree we have a problem.

But as long as the cream keeps rising to the top, I think everyone else is just wingeing.

So enjoy the mayhem, but don’t be surprised to see Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso as the top three come the end of the final race.

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