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I’d got my ski pants on but I was still cold. Shivering in the Silverstone pitlane, waiting for Force India’s new car to be unveiled, I got talking to a colleague about the year ahead.

“Anything fun on the agenda?” I asked.

“Yeah, actually,” he smiled. “I’m moving to the States. Indycar. I can’t wait.”

“Oh wow,” I replied. “Say hi to…” I ran through a list of everyone I knew racing in the championship in my mind… “well… say hi to everyone for me.”

Fast forward seven months and the two of us are standing by the side of a track once again. Only this time, it’s not a cold Silverstone. The sun is beating down on the track formerly known as Sears Point, Sonoma, California. There is not a cloud in the sky. Practice for the GoProGP of Sonoma is well underway, and I have a cold beer…

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Joy begets joy – a great IndyCar article!

Here is a fantastic article about the joys of IndyCar from Will Buxton. Read, enjoy, understand 🙂