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An Open Letter from Deep Dive Series HQ

I have been asked by a panicky PR officer to write this Open Letter to you the ‘Fans’:

Without a doubt, the last few days have been extremely unpleasant for the community. We have received and heard many passionate opinions from caring fans of this sport, including combinations of curse words which to me seem as inventive as they are impractical, and we appreciate the communication.

While many of the conversations, and indeed the mental images created in my mind’s eye, have been difficult, we must take this opportunity to harness the energy and emotion of this time for the good of the sport we all love, or I swear I’m going to lose the plot by the end of this month so help me God, I mean it, I’m OUT. Before I discuss our commitment to you, the fan – you with your strange clothing, your beer coolers, your passionate disregard for hairstyling fashions, your constant negativity, for a strong series in the future, I want to step back – WAAAY back. Like Tony levels of back.

Last year my daughter kindly bought me a book featuring a character called ‘Dilbert’. He appears to be some kind of dog, but that’s not important because, through the simple medium of cartoons, Dilbert, a Fortune 500 senior executive, and his colorful colleagues, have taught me many serious and valuable lessons about business.

Not least of these was the technique known as a deep dive.

I would like to reveal to you all today the power of the deep dive. A power so awesome that until now it has remained the preserve of a select few high powered business leaders. I believe however that you the fans, you awful, badly dressed, sweaty, sunburnt, beer swilling, burger eating people who file year after year onto my golf course to be hosed down whilst listening to bad hair metal, can use the deep dive technique almost as well as me, given time and patience.

Today, I am in the same position as I was three years ago at this time, as the CEO of this series. But then I was naive and child-like. I knew nothing of the deep dive. We considered and spoke with many potential leaders and ultimately hired a man without even asking him about the way of the deep dive, for we were blind.

There has been, and continues to be, speculation and rumors that the CEO was fired. That is just not true. A mutual separation and an advisory role was accepted last Sunday evening in a special board meeting and deep dive training session.

We sat in a circle, our preconceptions left at the door, our minds open. And we dove. As one in our minds we swam endlessly around the brickyard, free from cares, three, even four wide at times. Then we parted, in silence.

Sure this guy brought us fresh ideas and energizing leadership at a time when it was truly needed, but deep diving, he never really ‘got it’. So we thank him for his contributions. Today, we still face challenges and are moving to address them immediately, but we also have a great opportunity and reason for hope from which we can build.

We are actively executing our 2013 plan that includes new events, an experiment with virtual race weekends to boost the number of ovals on the series in conjunction with our partners at iRacing, the return of the Triple Crown, the introduction of our movie available on DVD this January and at select branches of Circle K.

So, where does all of this put, you, the fan? Quite frankly, in the most important spot of all.

Without you – your eyes watching our races, your social media reminders to your friends as to why you are passionate about our drivers and events, your sarcastic, inventive, and worryingly crude character assassinations and your constant overt and vehement criticism, – we will not succeed.

We watch the racing for the racing. We do not want it to be about off-track politics. You do, but we don’t. OK sure the owners do too. They lap it up. They’re sociopaths, they love this shit.

No question these last 96 hours have been tough on us all, and especially on you, and him – obv. The community must remain together as one unit. And despite our differences, owners, promoters, drivers and the series must communicate as one – even as it slowly tears itself apart before our eyes.

Going forward, together, we will power through this. And with your continued support, we will grow our sport.

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