When is a street circuit not a street circuit?

Street circuit? Hmmm. Let’s see.

Wikipedia has a definition for us: “A racing circuit composed by temporarily closed-off public roads of a city, town or village, used in motor races.”

That seems fair enough.

Then there’s Korea, and Valencia.

Street circuits that aren’t really street circuits really annoy me. The pinnacle of motorsports deserves to race on decent tracks. Street circuits have their place when they create an exciting downtown event, think Monaco or Long Beach.

But Korea – a street circuit in the middle of nowhere – surrounded by a technology city only in the crazed imaginings of a pre-credit crunch property developer. All the safety compromises of a street circuit with none of the reasons for the safety compromises.

And Valencia, now thankfully gone – a street circuit so false that we hear it has been vandalised. How can a street circuit be vandalised? Surely by definition they are dismantled and put into storage every year after the race.

But not Korea and Valencia, because they’re not real street circuits – just cheap tat left to rot. Monuments to the modern day state of F1.

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