According to Sky Sports, Indycar is moving to ESPN – for £13 per month – May not be so bad?

UPDATE – I understand since writing this post that ESPN’s UK online streaming service – their ESPN Player might not be such a bad deal – so the tone of this post is a bit more negative than it might need to be!

Oh dear.

The bosses at IndyCar towers probably love ESPN. Compared to the weak support, lukewarm commitment and low ratings provided by NBC Sports Network, the ABC / ESPN co-productions could be considered the stars of their broadcast deals – particularly so in the case of the Indy 500.

But when is ESPN not ESPN? Answer – when it’s in the UK.

ESPN UK is a channel trying to establish relevance – and failing. It has lost major football deals to Sky and BT Vision – and let’s face it, if you’re getting your arse kicked by BT Vision you really can’t be considered a major player in the pay TV sports marketplace.

So the worse its TV rights get, the more ridiculously expensive and unjustifiable a subscription looks.

Worse still, in motorsport terms it is barely even on the radar. You’ll find more motor sports on open access TV than on ESPN. They have the rights to DTM, possibly a bit of drag racing, and NASCAR Now highlights show. Zzzzzz.

The cost for this weak, limp, lifeless collection of dross? £13 a month – yes that’s right.

There aren’t many IndyCar races in a year, somewhere around 15 weekends at best, so you won’t get much for your money.

Even as a huge IndyCar fan I can see it’s better value to sign up for Premier Sports and get wall to wall NASCAR coverage than this lame excuse for a TV package.

So well done IndyCar, if this deal suggested by Sky on their Facebook page turns out to be true you’ve paid the price for not doing your homework about what a weak channel you have signed up to.

UPDATE: It only gets worse. Apparently Disney, ESPN’s parent, is considering closing ESPN UK altogether. Brilliant Indycar, just brilliant!

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