Oh bugger – BT Sport snags UK IndyCar rights

Well, as predicted the other week, (and to be fair it didn’t take a genius since their owners were speaking openly about it) it seems ESPN in the UK is no more.

The company and its rights have been sold for an undisclosed sum to BT Sport, the new range of sports channels which will launch this summer.

You may think that BT, whose brand is a relic of nationalised industry, isn’t the most obvious choice of name for a collection of sports channels. And you’d be right. But when relics of nationalised industry do something, they tend to do it in an awkward, lumbering and predictable way, so BT Sport it is. Don’t look at the new logo, it will only upset you.

I could think of several hundred names that would be more exciting than BT Sport. ESPN for one. But hey, don’t let years of sporting brand goodwill hold you back, just bin the name and replace it with a name redolent of phonecards and long waits for a yellow van to visit and fix your phone line.

It reminds me of the old joke about the poor kids at school. The rich kids had their custom kit bags, Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool, Nike, Adidas, Reebok. The poor kids just had a miserable black and white PVC bag from Woolworths. The word emblazoned on the side in sad looking white letters?


But I digress. My main point, IndyCar fans, is this. Half way through the season, god only knows what is going to happen to the IndyCar coverage.

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