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IndyCar on ESPN in UK – Interesting Uptick in Blog Traffic

I’ve just been looking at my blog stats, and in the run up to the first IndyCar race of the season the blog saw a fairly large uptick in traffic. 

And what searches brought them here, well apart from one who searched for “eurovision is like” (no, me either) it was mostly this sort of thing: 

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Sebastian Vettel – He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy

EDIT: I’ve just posted this, only to discover I’m the FIFTH person to use this headline… Speaks volumes!!

May I be permitted to add my thoughts to the festival of awkward that is the Sebastian Vettel overtaking Mark Webber story?

It won’t take up much of your time.

First thought – you’ve messed up pretty bad when even Helmut Marko looks unimpressed and says as much.

Second thought. – Hamilton must be pleased that for once he isn’t the idiot doing something stupid.

Third thought – If I were Webber I’d definitely see how many times I could crash into Vettel over the season (targeting 8 that look plausibly accidental and one deliberate) then retire.

Fourth thought – if I were Christian Horner I’d say ‘It’s him or me’ then leave

Fifth thought – if I were Webber I’d refer to Vettel as ‘my knobhead team mate’ at every press conference til the end of the season and call my car ‘naughty nancy’.

Finally, I’d do anything to be able to go back in time and ensure Eddie Jordan was live in the pit lane to give his instant reaction to the weekend’s events.

It’s been fun though, hasn’t it?